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Android 2.1 for Droid: Confusion February 11, 2010

Posted by Sean A in Droid.

Ever since previews of Android 2.1 trickled onto the web, Droid users got a good case of, “I want one of those.”

You’re asking why?

Functionality aside, the tweaked operating system looks like it cares who sees it when it goes out. The application launcher has you finding reasons to push it. The pre-2.1 application launcher has been replaced with a grid button. Press, and watch your application icons fly into place on what was your home screen. Scrolling through the icons doesn’t move them along a conveyor belt, but instead wraps them around a virtual cube. 2.1’s live wallpaper clothes lucky 2.1 phones in a beautiful layer of  screen-ware. The moving and responsive wallpapers give you a reason to set your screen’s timeout to waste a little battery. Watch out iPhone users, your OS is no longer the prettiest thing around.

2.1 also adds:

  • Increased Home Screens – The shipped with amount of screens has been increased from 3 to 5.
  • A Much Faster Phone Experience – Live wallpapers aside, 2.1 is a much faster and much more efficient android. Animations are fluid, and transitions from screen to screen are seamless.
  • New Voice Features – The road just got a little safer. 2.1 lets you use your voice to dictate texts, email, and even twitter.
  • Google News and Weather Apps

That is just some of what 2.1 brings and why Droid users want it. If 2.1 brought only small cosmetic and functionality changes, I don’t think the Droid community would be so anxious to get it. But the Droid is only months old, and the phone already lags so far behind the Nexus One simply because of 2.1.

So when do Droid users get 2.1?

The first official word from Motorola came from this Facebook post. As a Droid user, my heart jumped. I started checking the web every few hours (I realize this makes me sound attractive) to see if I could get an actual date for the upgrade. After stalking the internet for a few days, I came across a list of what was actually going to be included in the 2.1 upgrade for the Droid. It was a gutted 2.1, even though it included another update that included multi-touch capabilities. Soon after I came across that post, I came across another that removed the 2.1 notes. The release date has been pushed back, and as of now we have to settle with “soon”.



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