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App Review: Personal Assistant Premium – Pageonce February 12, 2010

Posted by Sean A in Application Review.
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Name:  Personal Assistant Premium
Developer:  Pageonce
Cost: 6.99
Free Version Available: Yes
Website: http://www.pageonce.com/

This application  collects all of your online accounts, and groups them for easy viewing.

Which accounts?

The add accounts section is broken up into seven categories:

  1. Popular
  2. Finance
  3. Utilities
  4. Shopping
  5. Travel
  6. Social
  7. Email

When I first saw this list, I assumed everything but email or social you would have to keep track of manually. I’ve used finance and organizational applications before. They were clunky, and always seemed better at one advertised aspect than at another. Like a phone that can play music, but offers such a limited experience with it that you’re reaching for your iPod. I don’t want to carry both. I’m like Smeagol with my pocket space, it’s precious. I’m the same way with my online space. I’m a minimalist with expensive taste.

This sounds more like you’re lazy and kind of a nerd.

It’s a fine line. I claim to be both.

Back to the list please..

Much to my surprise, literally all I had to do was enter in my account information, and Personal Assistant  provides me with a summery of the account.  I use Bank of America and Discover, and Personal Assistant offers not only balance information, but recent transactions. It’s extremely convenient for tracking purchases, and making sure you know where your money is going. It will track mutual funds, investments, anything related to the almighty dollar. Personal Assistant also tracks where you’re going. Entering in any travel account information displays your travel plans (such as flight dates and numbers) in your itinerary. If you don’t feel spoiled yet, your utilities  are tracked and updated when they are available online, and you’re alerted when the due date is approaching.

As far as the social aspect goes, I can’t really comment. I’m not involved in enough online social activity to need it organized.

You said alerted?

Personal Assistant’s alert system has saved my Verizon account more than once. It alerts when you’re close to limits. Such as your credit limit or your wireless minutes. It also alerts you to due dates, such as bills and reward expiration dates. It will send you an email with the title “A change that might interest you…”, and will have a short summery of the alert and the account it came from.

Through the alert system and your ability to constantly monitor your financial assets, Personal Assistant goes a long way  in helping you detect fraudulent activity.

Bottom line?

An increasing amount of your life is managed in the digital world. Personal Assistant helps keep that world close to you.